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caio augusto ribeiro

Narrative Design / Game Writing


Wild Cell - Testament Of Tomorrow

Dystopian-themed tabletop roleplaying game set in a world dominated by wild nature after an eco-apocalypse.

Winner of the MATO GROSSO CREATIVO award in the games category.


  • Art director of scenarios, items and characters.

  • Character background game writing

  • Writing of the game's dialogues, scenes and stories

  • Writing the texts of rules and supplementary tables

I directed a team of 3 professionals to create the rpg's history book and rules. The illustrators Kauê Daiprai & Andrés Bazán and the visual designer and Maurício Mota.

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One of the threats in the game is the Monkey Gang. Aggressive creatures that love to create chaos. I conceived and directed the creation of the game's threats. The final arts are by Kauê Daiprai.


Each character has its own personality. This is Tipuci, the survivor group's neutralizer. She is a Kura Bakairi indigenous descendant. I conceived and directed her creation with an indigenous native. The final arts are by Andréz Bazán


The game's story is narrated through newspaper pages, reports and diaries. Thus, I directed and conceived the texts of all the supplementary pages. The final arts are by Maurício Mota.

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Caio Augusto Ribeiro holds a degree in social sciences from the Federal University of Mato Grosso, South Amazon, Brazil and also has a background in theater.

He has published 4 books of poetry and acted in many plays and short films of national projection.

In 2021 he decided to found an independent RPG game developer and received the MATO GROSSO CRIATIVO award for the game Wild Cell-Testament of Tomorrow, where he was the creator of the story, dialogues and characters.

He is currently looking for projects in the field of game writing and narrative design. He wants to write!

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